Reunion 01
Optical Sound and Aspic Records

Flying Over Bañugues
Loops & Sketches

2002, originally release as a Cd

1. Point
2. Bm Song Preludic
3. Bm Song
4. Full Smoking
5. Snowing On Desert Lull
6. Hello Flucky
7. Scolarship Holder
8. Biciclette Part I
9. Buying Cigars With Feet (Kicking My Computer)
10. The Night You Shouted Bye
11. Too Much Coffee Circus
12. Goodbye Flucky
13. My Life As A Comedy
14. Biciclette Part II
15. Miniode
16. Bm Song Collage
17. Biciclette Part I (Missing Person remix)
18. Snowing On Desert Lull (Sweet Trip remix)
19. Biciclette Part I (Kunstner5 remix)

Dani : electric bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, Casio PT88, toy acordion, toy spanish guitar, programing, sampling, collage work.
Luiso : Casio PT88 on My Life As A Comedy, stand up bass
on Buying Cigars With Feet.
Luis Fernando : some clicks manufacturer.
Remixes by Claus, Roby and Mike.
All tracks built at my bedroom.

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