frz & Imagho, Nabas serie

The Nabas Serie is a serie of cd-r released by Jean Louis Prades (Imagho) to document our collaboration.
Thanks to him, for accepting this online release.

Since the beginning, frz and imagho collaboration is totally dedicated to free improvisation. Nothing is planned, no strategy, no discussion before we begin. Our music is rising on its own, each one of us trying to follow, anticipate the other.

The Nabas serie is what usually only the musician can hear : the music while it is happening first. Each improvisation is uncut, from the beginning to the end. With its hesitation, red herring, mistakes, and magic moments. No sound has been added, not a single note has been removed.

According to the basics of our collaboration, every sound comes from an electric guitar, and is treated in real-time. No sound used has been recorded before the improvisation, and no other sound generator has been used.

Download the Nabas serie

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