Frz, Blue Baboon & Etereo Expandeum Club
Machine That Also Let You Draw
2001, originally released as a CD as Vacuum V.4.0

1. Third Pop Mind (Eec to frz & BB)
2. Slalome (frz & BB to Eec)
3. Blome (Eec to frz & BB)
4. Cheetah Chrome (Eec to BB)
5. Dicks (frz & BB to Eec)
6. E-Z Pop (Eec to frz & BB)
7. Two String Serenade (Eec to frz)

This CD is a collaboration beetween Frz, Blue Baboon
& Etereo Expandeum Club. It has been comissioned by
Vacuum in 2000. Frz & Blue Baboon sent sounds to
Etereo Expandeum Club while they did the same.

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