Moko Blues
Good Morning Starshine
1998, originally release as a 7"

1. Good Morning Starshine
2. The Simp Song
3. Far West 2000

Recorded and mixed at Mass Killer Studio, Winter 1997-98 except drums recorded at le Baobab I.
Blue Baboon : guitar reverberation, beat stimulation (TR02, RV3, S.OD)
Shee.T : 4-string programmation (DSD2, QY10, Z508, SYB3, AX30B, V.Passion)
Blue Baboon thanks Aspic, HG and The Wake Up Operator.
Shee.T thanks Mod & Stef, RV, Trit, Bobine, Grizou and all his family.
Designed by Bimbo or Belinda.