The Brians
Introducing The Brians as Blue Baboon & Frz

1. I Woke Up Hooked: The Clouds & Rainbow Theory
2. The Exhibition Never Happened
3. Sugar Clouds

Recorded through October and November 2003 by Brian Huz and Brian Fransioli with Brian Roux in mind.
* This release is available on Blue Baboon's second album on Optical Sound, Rough Mixes, Rarities and B-Sides (OS.015). Featuring an unreleased track from The Brians: Diamonds & Snow.

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Sugar Clouds

There will not fall any sugar rain
Your mind is set up to a candy box
Any color makes you feel the same
But when you're out
I'll leave your sugar world

I wonder who stole my sugar rain
Any color would fit my world
So much sugar could be a storm
Faded away in your endless hope

I Woke Up Hooked: The Clouds & Rainbow Theory

I woke up hooked
In a cloud and rainbow theory
I woke up hooked
As a gentle rain on a sunny day