Esprit III Aspic Project

Esprit III Aspic Project was a subscription plan for 5 issues a year. Subscribing to EIIIAP was a cheap way to receive compilations 5 times a year on Cd-r. The serie lasted 2 seasons (ref.01 to ref.10), with a box-set release for anyone who missed the season.

The first release baring the name Esprit III Aspic Project (ref.0) was a way to make available tracks from Aspic, Blue Baboon and Darky, the in-house Aspic Records bands. The initial project opened its horizon to friends, relatives, and people we liked the music.

We're happy to make these collection of tracks freely available.

The name came from a Google research:

Of the Esprit III Aspic Project
The project used CAN (Controller Area Network) in production cells to allow cell devices such as cell controllers, drives, digital I/O, vision sytems and more to communicate with one another in a structured well defined manner.
The communication protocol was defined for a wide variety of devices and allows easy interconnection with the cell master. This was based on the CAN Application Layer (CAL). Use of CAN means that the cell wiring costs are cut and cell construction very easy and quick reducing development time.
The project was funded for 3 years by the EEC (Esprit Project 7302).

It just sounds complicated enough.